señorita please,

may i have this dance?

Dance is a physical way to express emotion, cleanse the spirit, and embrace fulfillment & joy. 


Since age three, dance has been the way in which I find my expression; it's where I find my deep self. I've trained in classical dancing for over a decade, including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, and theatre. In addition to professionally trained courses, I've spent days and nights using dance to heal wounds, celebrating with cherished friends, and connecting with dear humans, once strangers.

As a doula, I bring this training and years of practice to my clients. I believe that each of us have a deep dance within, whether it be patiently waiting for release, or tellings its story at full volume. It can be the journey of finding balance between woman and mother. This training also offers strength training, technique, rhythm, and connection. 

Dance Class


These private sessions hold immense healing power. Feeling the sensations and natural rhythms of your body in this phase of life is a unique, powerful opportunity to deeply connect with yourself during transition. Our movements are catered to your physical as well as emotional presence, focusing on fusion of who you have always been, and who you are right now. I'll bring the sounds and the stretches. Come as you are, bare feet and bones.*

*Note: Please follow your health care provider's instruction on rest after birth - This service is often accessible 4-8 weeks after giving birth, but each body is different and heals uniquely.

$35 per 75 minute session


3 sessions for $90

5 sessions for $125

please note that any services provided out of the sonoma county / north marin area will result in an additional small traveling fee.